This box is perfect for Larger settings, for example small Nurserys, Playgroups, childminders with assistants. Each box contains materials for 12 children.
Week 1: Summer fun
Week 2: Minibeasts
Week 3: Lets play outdoors
Week 4: Transport

Your box contains: 4 printed sets themed colouring/ in worksheets (48 printed pages in total)
4 activity planning guides with links to the EYFS in the form of a booklet containing 12 activities!
4 craft activity packs (each containing enough for 12 children)
4 sets of stickers for each children

all of this along with chalks, paints, sponges, crayons and 12 magnifying glasses! 

(please note: activity packs are made of 300gsm card, some parts are made with  plain card to allow the children to deorate/paint/colour and make their work their own! example picture is for illustration purposes!)

Large Setting Box

  • All craft activity packs are made fromm 300gsm card, this means they hold up to paint, pens and little hands!

    All the printed materials contain enough for every child, no extra copying or printing required!

    Craft materials are included, so your little people are good to go straight from the box!