Aprils Box

In Aprils box we celebrate all things Spring! with  of course the usual celebrations thrown in also!

St Georges Day- Learn all  about how George defeated the dragon!

Growing- Take a look at the lifecycle of a sunflower... any grow your own with some free seeds!!

Weather- explore the funny weather that happens this time of year, the sun, the rain and the rainbows!

Baby animals- Take a look at all the baby animals that you might start to see in fields at at the farm!

Mays Box

Have fun with this box, a mixture of celebrations and some random fun!

lifecycles- have fun learning all about how caterpillars turn into butterflies!

Eid- have fun learning and celebrating this tradition

Nutty about numbers - have fun with some really cool counting activities!

Superhero's!- what makes a really cool superhero? what would your magic powers be?

Junes Box

February is a fun month....there is lots to celebrate! here are this months topics!

world environment day - lets take a look to see how we can help our planet!

Under the ocean - learn about what you might see if you take a trip under the sea!

Fathers day - show dad just how special he is!

Story Time- don't you love a good story, come make some props with us for a fun story time!!

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