We like to make it easy for you to plan, so check out the dates below to see the weekly themes of the current and upcoming boxes!

July's Box

In July's  box you can explore the below 4 topics!

Sunflowers - Have a blast with this colourful topic! explore the famous painter Vincent van Gogh, have fun out in the garden and be in awe of the nature that you help to create!

Under the sea - Inspire your little ones to have a love and a fascination for all creatures as they learn about what lives in the depths of the ocean! 

At the Beach - Its that time where we all flock to the sun sea and sand, however you dont need to live near the coast to enjoy this theme, its ram packed with activities at the beach you can enjoy right from your setting!

Summer -Summer is a hard topic to think of fun crafts for but we have you covered! explore the best that this bright and sunny saeson has to offer!

August's Box
September's Box

In August's box you can explore the below 4 topics!

Nursery Rhymes - We know how important literacy is to the development of your little people, so come and join the sun who has his hat on ready whilst we explore some sunny activities  based around some fun nursery rhymes! 

On the Farm- If your setting is anything like ours, we spend a lot of time outdoors at a local farm, if you don't have access to a farm, never fear we will bring the farm and all its wonderful learning to you!

Eid-  Learn all about the fantastic Muslim festival of Eid, why it is celebrated and some fantastic traditional activities!

Holiday Transport -August is a popular time for holidays so we like to investigate all the different ways that people get to their holiday destinations! we love the links that children make to their own experiences with this topic!

In Septembers box you can explore the below 4 topics!

All about me - help your little ones learn about themselves, explore their differences and similarities and discover what makes them unique!

Feelings- Help your little people understand their emotions, put labels to how they feel and begin to understand ways of helping identify those big feelings.

Superheros- discover what makes real superheros with this fun theme!

Autumn - Have a look outside and explore the amazing colours and changes that this beautiful season brings!

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